Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

I got together with my co-worker again to whip up some cupcakes. . .Halloween cupcakes that is! I'm trying to be all health conscious, I know what you're thinking! "Health conscious and you're making cupcakes????" I know, I know, it sounds bad, but the chocolate cupcakes below are a Weight Watcher's inspired recipe, using only a box of cake mix and a 15 0z can of Libby's Canned Pumpkin (and I added about ¼ cup of water b/c the batter looked too thick). Can't ask for a more simple recipe. Using a regular box of cake mix, the cupcakes without frosting come out to 2 points each. BUT, did you know that Pillsbury is now making a "Splenda" cake mix? I bet you didn't :) Well, you know what that means? That by using the splenda mix, the cupcakes would be less points and I could actually frost them now! Yippie, FROSTING! But wait, that's not all, Pillsbury is also making a "Splenda" Frosting! It's a little runny, but tastes pretty darn good! I kid you not! People thought we were kidding when we told them they were WW cupcakes! LOL! A little TIP: Once you fill the cups with the batter, using a spatula sprayed with "Pam" pat the batter down a bit so that the cupcakes bake more uniformly. This made 12 nice sized cupcakes! (I'm thinking they were probably 1.5 pt and another .5 for the frosting. Not BAD I think! The fondant halloween medalions would be more points, but I don't eat those, so I'm not counting points for them ;) Yum-O! So there you have it kids, YOU can eat "CUPCAKES"! Here are a few pics, many thanks to Mari for joining in on the Halloween baking fun!

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Brooke said...

Those are adorable! Nice work :)