Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tammy's Chicken Legs =)

A while back I had a pack of chicken thighs and no idea of how to cook them, so, as I usually do, I started creating as I went. The final result was SO yummy, I had to sit down to remember everything I had done/put in the chicken to share with you all. So here goes (sorry, don't have a pic of it, I haven't made them in a while...)


6 Chicken thighs
Adobo without pepper to the taste (but I would advice not putting too much or it would be too salty)
A pinch of Oregano
1/2 Onion, in layers
1 TBS. of minced garlic
4 oz. can of tomato sauce
1/2 TBS. Olive Oil
1 cup of water

Marinate the thighs with the adobo and oregano. Then, on medium-high heat, put a 10" skillet with the olive oil. Once it is hot, put in the chicken until golden brown. Then, reduce heat and toss in the tomato sauce, the minced garlic, the onion layers and water. Simmer and cover.

Make sure to turn the thighs for about 15 mins (to make sure the center is well cooked!) and simmer the sauce so it wont get stuck on the skillet.

That's it! They are ready to serve. Enjoy!

Not too complicated, but man is this good! =)


Eli said...

mmm sounds yummy!!!!

Alessandra said...

Sounds Tasty Tammy!!!

I love inventing things as I go along but I never remember how I did it. haha